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Worldwide Multimodal Transport

Alfons Köster goes MTO

In many cases a straight transport without changing the transport services is not possible. Often it is not possible to arrange transport without a change of the means of transport (Multimodal Transport). The reason for this is not only based on ecologically facts. The increasing capacity overload of transportation systems and the missing logistical background network are also drivers behind the scene.

The flow of cargo in regards to the transport can be broken into several small parts within the chain. These small parts of the transport will be operated via consolidation hubs, which are located between the place of loading and the final destination.

The advantages of the Multimodal Transport are mainly based on the following points:

  1. The intelligent combination of the used carrier systems und their specific advantages (Road, Rail, Ocean and Air).
  2. Division of labour, specialization and better degree of capacity utilization.
  3. Relief of the used transport systems and as a consequent the reduction of the pollutant emission.
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