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The Alfons Köster group of companies

The Alfons Köster group - founded in 1929 - is an international freight forwarding company with several branches in Germany and a subsidiary each in the Czech Republic and China.

We are an independent, medium-sized company that meets the requirements of its customers and their orders.

More than 200 specialists are currently working in our own offices worldwide. We are one of the 10 shareholders of United Shipping, so we can rely on a global network of agents.

With our experience, we can offer you a complete service - from the initial planning to the handover of the transported goods at their destination. Our standard, developed from our know-how, ensures consistently good work.

We have received several awards for this.

Since we are one of 10 shareholders in United Shipping Corp. (Denver, Colorado), there are another 200 bases in over 80 countries worldwide. We also cooperate with other contractual partners who strengthen our team of specialists. No matter where your goods go:
Alfons Köster is always on site with an experienced team.

Too large? Too heavy? Too complicated? Not for us - our specialists don't just work from their desks, they also lay Hand and measure: so that everything fits
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