Our Service

Professionalism, speed and flexibility are our strengths ...

Best possible service, a smooth chain with perfectly tuned logistics, from first contact up to the delivery of goods. This is our first priority! Our AK standard provides secure transport of your goods.

Therefore, our employees are in permanent contact with you and our experts, who are very well aware of the conditions, on location.

We can inform you, at any time, about the present whereabouts of your goods. Because transparency is our response to your trust in us.

We operate in a worldwide network and offer you the following services:


from our day-to-day business

It does not matter whether your goods are particularly heavy, fragile or perishable – we take care of a professional transport so that the goods reach their destination unscathed. Whether heavy-lifts or project shipments: with us you can rest assured.

Transports such as taking a tunnel drilling machine from Hong Kong to Seattle/USA, plant parts to Baghdad or a 150 tons generator to Taschkent-Usbekistan belong to our everyday operations.
We also handle transports to Libya or to Iraq.

slogan is: nothing is too heavy to be transported!

Here are some examples of goods which we have handled:

  • goods for plant construction
  • chemicals
  • wood
  • cotton
  • airport equipment
  • seaport equipment
  • foodstuff
  • vehicles
  • machinery of all kind

Further examples of transports performed can be found under Global Freight Logistics and Press Releases

Is your cargo missing on that list? Talk to us!